BAFBOX For Custom Plastic Electronics Enclosures & housings

BAFBOX , For Custom Designed Plastic Electronics Enclosures and housings WITHOUT TOOLING

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If you are looking for a custom Designed Plastic Enclosure, without any of the tooling costs normally associated with these products...

With over 25 years' experience in this field of machining and fabricating enclosures and panels for the electronics industry, our team of dedicated engineers will take your design from concept, to prototype, to production.

custom Plastic electronic enclosures

No Tooling Charge

Quantities of one
offs to thousands

Prototypes in a few Days

Production in a few weeks

Easily modified if new
features need adding

Electronics Enclosures




Large Range of Colours

Screen Printing

No need for Complex Drawings

Can be Painted

RFI Shielding Available

Whether you are looking for a simple enclosure to hold just a printed circuit board, and perhaps a couple of interface connectors, or a more complex, shaped enclosure with membrane keypad recesses and hinged access, we can accommodate your needs.

If you need wording or logos printed on then we can do this for you, and ensure that all the artwork lines up with the apertures in your enclosure.

Similarly we can design and manufacture a keypad for you, including in it surface mount LEDs, and again ensure that it fits in the recess designed for it.

Our aim is to take the job of enclosure design, and manufacture, including printing, and any keypad or overlay requirements that you have, so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of your product's progress into the market place.

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